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Play Cut the Rope free!

cut the rope freeAre you looking to play a new game? Do you need something interesting to help you past time during the day? Why not play Cut the Rope? It is a game app released on devices such as the Android, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. If you love games with a funny character, strategy, and candy then this is the game for you to play! Your eyes will be glued to the screen while you enjoy your time playing. As of today there are two versions of the game. There is the Cut the Rope free version and Cut the Rope full version. Both will offer you a fun time in regards to game play.

For now let us focus on the free version. What is the game about you may ask? During the game you get to meet a certain character known as Om Nom who is quite crazy for candy. So during the game you have to cut candy pieces from ropes in order to feed this little monster. Phrases such as addictively fun, physics-based, and of course award-winning sum up this particular game. It is highly recommended to all gamers out there. Kids and adult will both come to enjoy it in the end. Nothing can be wrong with that right?

What are some key features you might want to know about Cut the Rope? The graphics are amazing for starters and you can also learn a lesson or two in regards to physics. You will also see animation short in regards to the character of Om Nom. This monster will be one that all players will come to love and adore while playing the game. Who can say that about a monster in this day and age? If you enjoyed the time you had while playing the free version of the game go on and get the full version! It cost only $0.99!

It was mentioned earlier that this game was award winning. The list of honors includes an Apple Design Award, Best App Ever Award, GDC Award, and Pocket Gamer Award. It also won the British Academy Video Games Award in March 2011 for the handheld category and a BAFTA. It is the first Apple game to receive a BAFTA award. Not even Angry Birds has that! Now that is quite the honor to have! What should that be telling you about the game? It should be telling you to go and get it today! You will not regret the time you spent playing it. There will be nothing else you want to do all day!

The game has been positively received as of today. Players love the challenging levels and the feeling of beating each one. Many of them have given it the addictive description like mentioned earlier and some have even mentioned a craving for candy after playing.

So get down on your gaming device and enjoy the game today! Do not wait one more second! Om Nom is waiting for you and he is hungry for some of that candy! It is up to you to give it to him. Who would not look forward to eating some lovely candy after all?