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How to Play Cut the Rope Onlinecut the rope online

Almost everyone who owns an iOS or Android mobile device has played Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope was developed by ZeptoLab and was first released on iOS devices in October 2010. It is a physics-based puzzle game where the main goal is to feed a piece of candy to a cute monster named Om Nom. The candy is attached to some ropes, so you will need to cut the ropes by swiping at the screen. You need to use your brain to decide which rope to cut in order to make the candy fall, swing, or float to Om Nom. If you want to play Cut the Rope but you don’t own an iOS and Android device, then you can just play Cut the Rope online using your computer. In this short guide, you will learn how to play Cut the Rope using a computer and an internet browser.

Search for Cut the Rope Games on the Internetcut the rope online

The first step is to search for Cut the Rope online using an internet browser and an online connection. Go to an internet search engine website such as Google or Yahoo and then type “play Cut the Rope free online”. Press the Enter key and a list of websites that are offering Cut the Rope should appear. Most of the websites on the search results are offering different games that are also called “Cut the Rope.” In order to find ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope game, you will need to click on each website on the search results and check what Cut the Rope game they are offering. Some game websites may require you to register or login as a member before you can start playing their games.

Best Websites for Playing Cut the Rope Online

Some of the best game websites that offer Cut the Rope are FlashGamesPlayer, A10, and GamezHero. If you are finding it difficult to look for websites that are offering the Cut the Rope game by ZeptoLab, then visit those game websites. FlashGamesPlayer, A10, and GamezHero allow you to play Cut the Rope for free and they do not require you to register as a member before you can start playing the game.

Start Playing Cut the Rope Online

After the website has finished loading, click “Play” or “Play Game” to start playing Cut the Rope. The game will load and you can start playing using your mouse. You will need an internet connection in order for the game to load. If the game is loading too slowly or stop loading, it could mean that there is a problem with your internet connection.

Difference Between the Mobile Version and Browser Version

cut the rope onlineOne of the most obvious differences between the mobile version and browser version of Cut the Rope is the controls. In the mobile version, you control the game by tapping and swiping on the touchscreen on your iOS or Android mobile device. In the browser version, you control the game using your mouse. Another notable difference between the mobile version and browser version of Cut the Rope is the absence of leaderboards and achievements.

In the mobile version, Apple’s Game Center and Crystal provides achievements and leaderboards where you can aim to become the top player. The browser version of Cut the Rope does not have achievements and leaderboards and the game resets when you leave the website or close the web browser.

The mobile version is also uploaded regularly and new levels are added to the game. In the Cut the Rope online browser version, you can only play a few levels and no new levels are added. If you really want to play Cut the Rope the way it is meant to be played, then get the mobile version or download the Windows 8 Cut the Rope app for PC.